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Islamorada Sailfishing

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We are currently having one of the best sailfish bites in many years here in Islamorada!

Islamorada Sailfishing normally runs November through April with the peak varying each year. Some years are better than others but you'll find that sailfishing in the Florida Keys is world class fishing every year. The sailfish often start pouring through on the backside of cold fronts starting as early as October. When the condidtions are right, it is possible to catch 15 or more Sailfish in one outing. Of course, there are days when you can't find a single one, but that's fishing. Plan your trip in the winter months of December and january for your best shot at catching the most Florida Keys Sailfish!

Islamorada sailfish  
  sailfish charters

Sailfishing from Key Largo to Marathon is our zone and in that zone one will find many productive spots in which sailfish will feed. The bait we get to choose from can vary from goggle eyes, cigar minnows and ballyhoo's.   


Now depending on what the conditions are will determine on the Captains' course of action. The fish could be pushed up in the shallow water 15ft to 35ft, showering bait and swimming in the sand. This is great fun as all we do is cast to fish all day, no riggers.

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Contact us at 1-866-682-8862 to book your next sailfish charter today!

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