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Night Reef Fishing

Night Reef Fishing trips out of Islamorada are a great way to fill an evening.  If you think the Yellowtail bite is good during the day, wait until you see them feed at night!  These fish are primarily nocturnal and when the sun goes down and the chum bag goes in the water, often times the Yellowtail will swarm to the boat.  Mutton Snapper Fishing is also a great night time activity.  The Mutton Snapper are another fish that primarily like to feed at night.  While you are chumming and yellowtailing on the reef here in Islmorada, be sure to drop a live speedo or cigar minnow down to the bottom.  You will most likely hook into some Mutton Snapper or even a Grouper.  Sharks are also a nocturnal feeding reef fish here in Islamorada, so you are almost certain to encouter sharks on your night Reef Fishing trip here in the Florida Keys.

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