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Keys Reef & Wreck Fishing


Fishing the wrecks & reef of the Florida Keys is an exciting & rewarding fishing experience



The Wrecks

Scattered all over the Florida Keys you'll find hundreds of wrecks...some in shallow water and some in deep water with the largest concentration off of Key West out to the Dry Tortugas. Some of these wrecks were sunk on purpose while others found their fate in storms. The deeper wrecks are fished from 100'-250' and tend to hold the larger, loner fish. The shallower wrecks hold large amounts of schooling fish. All of them are worth visiting for the fishing and adventure offering a mixed bag of fish such as Amber Jacks, Groupers, Cobia, Snappers, Permit, Barracudas, Sharks, Kingfish, Goliath Groupers, Groupers and More.


The Reefs

The only living coral reefs in the continental US are located right here in the Florida Keys. These reefs stretch from Miami all the way past the Dry Tortugas holding vast amounts of different species of fish. Reef Fishing in the Keys presents all sorts of action as it is not uncommon to catch 20 different species of fish in one day! You can fish shallow on patch reefs in 15-35 feet of water or head to 80-130 feet for some mid-size reefs. For the venturesome explore depths up to 700 feet using electric reels for deep dropping. When fishing the reefs you'll find bottom fish such as Groupers & Snappers along wtih some Pelagic species like Kingfish, Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish, Dolphin and more.


The Over Under fishing guides are well versed on different fishing techniques to give you the best fishing adventure possible. With many years of experience they will work with you to teach you the tricks of the trade. Different methods of fishing are used such as bottom fishing, drift baiting, kite fishing, trolling and live baiting.

Generally these types of trips are four, six & eight hours long depending on you. We keep these charters limited to four people or less to ensure a comfortable trip for all. You will find our Light Tackle Center Consoles perfect for this type of fishing experience.


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